Giuseppe Basile - Marcello Nitti

Adrian Borland
& The Sound

Meaning of a distant victory

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Giuseppe Basile and Marcello Nitti, Italian documentary makers, are the au- thors of this musical critique that recon- structs the entire history of The Sound and its lead singer Adrian Borland, valu- ing the full heritage of the lyrics that he composed from the beginnings of 1980 until 1999. The book, in Italian language, is composed of 240 full-color pages which contain 138 songs in their original lan- guage and Italian translation, 270 pictures (many of them previously unpublished), exclusive interviews and documentation of international music critics, reviews, press articles and comments collected du- ring the band’s and Adrian’s solo career. Disk by disk, from “Jeopardy” in 1980 to “Harmony & Destruction” in 1999, this book documents and deepens the “lite- rary content” of Borland’s works, whose original thoughtful writing, unique in the post punk-new wave scene of the 80’s and beyond, has given dignity to a genre often overlooked in its textual content. This book makes an important con- tribution to the rediscovery of the art of composition by Adrian Borland and pro- vides the story of a great victory that has come at a distance. The artistic value of these lyrics, now recognized, has led the Italian authors to make this invaluable and golden publication that fills a gap in the music journalism of these years.